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  1. Flying Officer Ernest George Thomas Harris

    Ernest George Thomas Harris (Ernie) was born in late 1923 at Shiplake, Oxfordshire to Ernest Edward Harris and Elizabeth Amy (nee Marner). According to family information it is thought that Ernie was a ”sickly” child as their doctor recommended that the family move away from the “damp” atmosphere of Shiplakes’ proximity to the Thames. The family subsequently moved […]

  2. HMS Clan MacNaughton

    Passenger Cargo Vessel requisitioned for the Mercantile Marine Reserve. Sank 03.02.1915, somewhere north of Ireland and West of Scotland. Cause of loss not known, though there was a severe gale at the time, and the wreck has never been located. 281 crew, all presumed lost at sea. Thame Remembers Casualty: Bertram Wheeler Mason (Writer – Clerk to […]

  3. HMHS Glenart Castle

    Hospital Ship. Sank on 26.02.1918. Torpedoed west of Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel by German Submarine UC-56, whilst sailing from Newport to Brest to pick up wounded. 153 men were lost, 29 survived. Thame Remembers Casualty: Chief Steward Albert Isaac Cumming

  4. HMS Penelope

    Light Cruiser, sank on 18.02.1944, torpedoed in the Bay of Naples by German Submarine U-410. 415 men died and 206 survived. Thame Remembers Casualty: P/JX 178841 Leading Seaman James William Carter

  5. SS Mendoza

    Ocean Liner used as a Troop Ship. Sank on 01.11.1942, torpedoed by German Submarine U-178 about 129 kms ENE of Durban, South Africa. 29 crew and 122 troops died (153 / 250 survived). Thame Remembers Casualty: P/JX 126446 Able Seaman Sidney Alfred Richardson

  6. HMS Branlebas

    A French Navy Torpedo Boat which adhered to General de Gaulle’s Free French Force and was manned by a mixed French & British crew and under the command of the British Navy. Sank in heavy weather on 14.12.1940 whilst escorting a west bound convoy. There were only three survivors from a complement of 92. Thame Remembers Casualty: […]

  7. HM Submarine Thistle

    Sank on 14.04.1940. Torpedoed by German Submarine U-4 off Utsira, Norway. All 59 crew lost. Thame Remembers Casualty: P/JX 128645 Petty Officer John Frederick Summersbee

  8. HMS Vanguard

    Battleship sank on 9 July 1917 while anchored in Scapa Flow. An internal explosion, thought to be caused by faulty cordite, destroyed the ship, killing 843 of the 845 men on board at the time. Thame Remembers Casualty: J/59090 oy 1st Class Frank Tickner

  9. HM Sub E49

    Sank on 12.03.1917 off Huney Island. Blown up by a mine laid two days earlier at the entrance to Balta Sound by German Submarine UC-76. Crew of 31, all lives lost. Thame Remembers Casualty : 366403 Petty Officer Francis Cartland

  10. HMS Black Prince

    Cruiser. Sank on 31 May 1916 at the Battle of Jutland Battle of Jutland. Becoming separated from the rest of the British Fleet, she was engaged by up to six German ships, including four Battleships, and was hit by at least twelve heavy shells and several smaller ones. She sank within 15 minutes, with no survivors from […]